The time of great changes.

We believe passion should be recognised and that every fan has the right to make their voice heard, wherever they are in the world.

We are here to bring our whole-hearted support for Manchester City.

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Lend your digital assets to others for trading and earn an interest through margin trading loans.


City Token is a currency option for blockchain-backed products & services geared towards mainstream consumers.

Fully Scalable

We want to elevate everyday experiences – fan engagement in entertainment, alternative payment solutions for conventional products, and more.

High Growth

City Token provides sports & entertainment entities with blockchain-based tools to help them engage & monetize their audiences.



1. Convert funds to (USDC) on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc) or decentralized exchange (Raydium, Orca)

2. Create a Solana wallet, we recommend Phantom or Solflare.

3. Send your USDC to your wallet address.

4. Head to DEXLAB or Raydium exchange.

5. Now you can easily swap your $USDC for $CITY. Please remember to leave a small amount of SOL for transaction fees.

How it works:

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    • (4,000,000,000) Reserves for CITY NFT Buybacks
    • (3,000,000,000) Liquidity and Emissions
    • (1,000,000,000) Publicly Distributed Airdrop
    • (1,000,000,000) Marketing and Giveaways
    • (1,000,000,000) Core Team Vesting
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